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You could be techie geeky,
Or hardly speaky that’s probably a prick,
Who makes millie millies billie billies,
That’s probably a dick,
From a startup to the head office,
In which happens real real quick,
Either sellout or a buyout,
Watch out for your eyes as the check get’s real big,

To influence the world with an app real slick,
When everyone flocks to it like a bad habit,
It becomes a cliche, are you ready for it to mentioned,
In every other word,
After I use it and get amused by it,
It will left alone like my ex girl.


“Di-Ox Nemesis”

Jixi Fox

Jixi Fox Entourage Weekend 2 – Vince got a new haircut

world cup final

world cup final

This weekend was a weird one. I had a long work day on Friday that drained me. Its was like a 14 hr shift… So Saturday I pretty much slept and watched the 3rd and 4th place WORLD CUP game. Germany had defeated Uruguay. I so wanted to still go out and even go to the gym on Saturday, but my body was like sit down before I bust that ass lol ha ha. Anyways, I did get a lot of inside online work done on my blog and website and also youtube, so I am kind of happy about that, so excited to see how they turn out.

Saturday Events:
– Rest
– World Cup (sat. Germany vs Uruguay)
– 8 hours on Photoshop creating images.
– Watched Anime: “GunGrave” (ep. 2-5) it was pretty cool, its just warming up
– Watched Surrogates with Bruce Willis on Netflifx (rating 4/5) “pretty good movie.

Sunday Events:
– Slept
– World Cup Finals (Spain vs Netherlands) SPAIN 2-1 wins WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS
– Grocery Shopping
– WWE RAW on Mun2 (Cablevision 227)
– BlogTv and Twitter
– Cleaned Up
– HBO: True Blood, Hung, Entourage
– Write Blog (this post, then bed I guess)

True blood this week. (ep. 4) started off so crazy, and its kool to hear sookie’s quotes in this episode as she got dumped over the phone. Layette stay gets put of a ride with Eric, I love how his reactions form as he gets himself in weird situations and just trying to look for a way out. Overall all, this episode was awesome and i might have missed a bit of juicy details for I was on BlogTv and Twitter, doing LIVE commentary to the action. I think I am going to continue with that. I need the practice.

Hung was refreshing watching the mom getting pushed away from her kids and Ray turning into a counselor than a ummmm you know, Big Daddy to the ladies. Ray’s pimp is a funny character trying to out pimp a pimp, but its all in good taste. No crazy sex scene this episode, but I enjoyed it pretty well.

Ep. 2 is so cool. Drama wants Eric to step up for him, Ari is trying to go NFL big, Vince decided to go for a dive, ummm in the sky!!! wow. I enjoy this episode especially seeing turtle on the phone being put on hold then having to apologize to an former employee…What that hell is Vince thinking? his new do got him all looking weirder. He has such a unusual role this season…well stay tuned.

Vince: “I will call you from the ground.”
Extras…Twitter Stream from most recent backwards to 10:15om – 9pm

# HUNG…hbo snitches.

#trueblood let’s go rupaul…

#trueblood some black guy is getting his ass kicked…no v for you.

#trueblood tara answer the man

wow…sookie looks so different

#trueblood tara is tied up and on the shitter

#trueblood sooke got skills…i can smell your memories.

#trueblood son, shorty got decked by bill. OD

#trueblood Tara got bit…bill eff a girl and said get the eff out…OD crazy

bill broke up with sookie on the phone…gimme your address
Until Next Week…
Its Jixi…and I am AwesomeI am ok! 🙂


True Blood Season 3 Review June 13, 2010

true blood

true blood

True Blood, Season 3 Review June 13, 2010

About this episode:

This episode is so cool, and I liked Tara’s reactions at the beginning and I guess things are turning very wild to be like Buffy and Twilight mixed together with random and crazy vampire vs werewolf…

Episode Quotables…

Tara Thornton: “Trash is what trash does…”
Tara Thornton: “Dyed hair bitch…”
Lafayette : “Bitch you and me bridge will never *&%$#@! happen.”

Season Three: True Blood (season 3)

The third season of True Blood will premiere on June 13, 2010, simultaneously on HBO and HBO Canada, and will contain 12 episodes, bringing the series total to 36. It will loosely follow the plot of the third novel of The Southern Vampire Mysteries, Club Dead.

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