my new single, and new challenge – [Blog-A-Day-May] #1

Beyond the Orchard

Hello friends,

Today begins my journey into being a great improv comedian, musician and live entertainer.  I am also taken on a challenge by Richardo A. Wilson which I shall blog everyday in the month of may.  The challenge is called…’Blog-A-Day-May” it actually has a cool sound to it.  Anyways, today my 1st single of my upcoming album shall be released.  I am very excited by doing so.  Some may not like the song or the nature of its production, but it’s all about having a care-free mind and understanding the direction of the album.

The name of the new single is called “Imma Bout To Crunch
it’s fresh off the album coming May 31, 2011 – “Jixi Fox Presents The Adventures of Auto Tunes 2”

Check it out here —> Myspace | ReverbNation | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Twitrax | iLike |

I shall be working on the music video with @RawMultimedia.  Hopefully all goes well.

Let me know what you think about the song?  Good, Bad or Ugly?  Is there a favorite part?

– itz jixi

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