Sent to block my path,
Set in place to control my wrath,
Of good deeds I fed to the world,
Low key people kick my name in the dirt,
Even though dusty,
I brush them off,
Trust me,
I am ready for war,
No limits I can’t overcome,
I got my faith,
I walk outside,
Head’s up,
Shoulders back,
Ready for the stage,
Why would I let them out shine me?
Or treat me like some side chick,
Falsely trying to wine and dine me,
I will be just fine,
Pacing myself,
Standing out,
So you can see me coming,
Or not,
Just know your shade,
Will not be casted on me no longer,
I am here,
I am prepared,
I am stronger,
Time to break the walls down.



There have been countless times someone didn’t not want me to get involved.  They set up barriers and name calling, try to have me fall down to them.  But are we mice of men, excuse me, are we mice or men/women?  We have to make a choice on the path we want to go on.  We have been distracted, I have, and I can own that.  But once you know that as a fact, are you still willing to watch this cycle repeat?

For me, at the tender age of 12 or so, I scoped so many impossible routes to my life.  There and then, I spent hours and days sleeping, meditating, researching on all my key attributes to never have someone set a barrier in front of me that I can’t break.  I mean seriously.  This is my mind frame at that age.  Of course I was still like a child.  But my mind was open.  I was ambitious, I was attentive, I was grounded and disciplined.  I knew there wasn’t going to be a sprint for my wins in life.  I knew it’s all about stamina and outlasting those who ran up front, thinking spend was all you needed.  I didn’t want to be the fastest, I wanted to be the guy that lasted.  So one by one, each barrier that was in my way, I took them down.  I was prepared, I was re-engineered to last and master my skills and traits.

And with that, that’s how I teach others to respect themselves, pace and time out their plan, for if it’s worth it in the end and worth keeping, it deserves patience and training.

Written by: Jixi Fox
Copyrighted 2016 :  Jixi Fox

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