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Making Lemonade

Lemonade stand

Lemonade stand (Photo credit: EvinDC)


I pick em, peel em, juice em, squeeze em,
No matter what I do the people will be pleased,
The taste is galactic, the feeling is fantastic,
Just making my dreams freshly squeezed and put it on wax.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

What’s In My Cup, DRANK

Never stop drinking... water!

(Photo credit: Elephotoniric)

My cup is filled to the top, I take a shot of drank to the head and I won’t stop,
I feel the world moving around me, I try to catch it but keeps turning non-stop,
My taste buds explode from the contents of my drink, mind blown I can’t really think,
I pour and pour to refill, I want to be faded, I keep it going like a chain, linked.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

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Don’t Drink My Juicy Juice | @jixifox

''Nestlé Juicy Juice logo

Image via Wikipedia

Sitting in the crib I ain’t got nothing do,

Mommy get me a drink she got me that juicy juice,
Late at night I dream big hoping they come true,
Dreaming no one would dare drink my juicy juice.

– Jixi Fox


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