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Been here too long,
Got to go,
Got to show it the door,
Got to let it go,
Empty out the past,
But keep the memories,
Summer is almost here,
Is it time for vacation already?

Photo by Crystal de Passillé-Chabot
Photo by Jonathan Francisca

Jixi Fox is Free Verse Poet, Spoken Word Artist and Creative based in New York City.

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Johnson’s Baby Powder

Johnson’s Baby Powder


English: Portrait of 1-year-old baby girl

English: Portrait of 1-year-old baby girl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I got a soft ass but no rash, thanks to johnson’s,
I smell good after a nice bath, thanks to johnson’s,
I rub that baby powder all over my body, I am ashy now,
The girls love my scent, I am so sweet, I am the mack baby now,


The baby powder I use, is in a pink bottle, classy,
I went my ashy to classy, look at me now, happy,
It’s sappy when other kids don’t have their way,
I come through the playground slapping powder all up in their face.

I am crazy…


Jixi Fox
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