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I am running up this hill,
Damn this hill long,
I should have eaten some food today,
Damn your boy is just dumb,
I wonder what is up this hill,
Damn my mind is numb,
I am so freaking bored right now,
Damn I need some gum,
So I can chew and chew,
Damn it, I am going to just keep on chewing,
No clue what I am doing,
Damn I can’t even buy time,
Because your boy broke as hell,
Damn I need a freaking job,
But first I need to scratch my head,
Damn I need to stop this itch from scratching,
But shoot I still got no clue,
Damn I wish I was much smarter,
I guess I just got to do what I got to do,
Keep running up this damn hill.

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts,
Jixi Fox



I can hear their cries,
A lot of them screaming,
I can hear them lie,
A lot of them deceiving,
I can see their hatred,
A lot of them I dis-communicate with,
I don’t want to hear their negativities,
Keep that ish a secret.

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts,
Jixi Fox



I am fiending for something sweet,
I am trying to get this treat,
I want these cookies to eat,
I hope I don’t caught stealing,
Because my hand is in the cookie jar,
I hear the door just opened up,
I think my sneakers is the highest of caliber,
To jet away if a chase was set in place,
For the cookies I will be destroying,
When I eat them my crunches are going to be annoying,
I ain’t leaving no survivors,
No throwing any towels in,
A cookie monster marathon is happening…

In my mouth!!!

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts,
Jixi Fox