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Pinky and The Brain, Take Over The World – Jixi Fox [#Poetry]

Pinky and the Brain

Pinky and the Brain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey Pinky,
What’s up Brain,
Guess what we about to do?
I Don’t Know Brain?
We are going to take over the world…
But how Brain?

Grab this camera and take my pic.
We upload it to the internet and make it stick
I talk to the people, they will think I am cool
I give them free content and they go and tell their crew.

But Brain, how are you sure this will work?
Well Pinky, it’s quite simple.
Brain, I don’t get it.
Pinky, just like this.

After grinding and pushing my content everywhere,
I give you commands, you listen, we work harder without a fear,
We tear through limbs, we are in two places at once,
You can be my worker, or partner, but I am the boss,
We support others around and hold them down,
We return the favor, we sitting get drunk in a lounge,
Back to the hustle, you develop or niche,
We don’t beg success, we work hard, not even a wish,
We we strike any luck, we try to turn into gold,
We go hard, we go hard, we break down glass doors with stones,
In time we will be in the middle soon on our way to the top,
Eat your vegetables, take you vitamins, and workout,
We won’t make it if we drop.

Ok, Brain I see…So what are we doing again?
Pinky, hold the damn camera and take the pic correct, and stop playing…
Ok Brain, ummmmm [SNAP]


Pinky and The Brain Take Over The World
by: Jixi Fox

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Looking Like A Straight Zombie Apocalypse | @jixifox

Zombie Apocalypse (video game)

Image via Wikipedia

Hide your wife, hide your kids, it’s looking like a straight zombie apocalypse,
They busting through your door, acting senseless like some stupid kids,
They want your brain, they don’t care if you are smart, they hungry that’s all it is,
So run grab some ammo, take shots get some practice in, be ready for the zombie apocalypse.

– Jixi Fox


(Project 365 | PostADay2012 – I vow to post each day a new lyric, phrase, saying or comedic idea for the entire 2012)

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