As a writer & creator I need to speak more. It seems that the more knowledgeable I have gotten, the least I speak. Being an absolute expert in my field, at times I wonder do I need to add more value all around. I see so much misinformation and judging acts in the media, social media, society and daily lives that is by far super wild.

I sit back and ask what do I want to talk about? I need to change my mood about this. I feel I can, I just don’t feel to do so. Now that’s a habit of comfortability. Comfortability was something I fought for, earned and still fought for against to gain. But as I write this post, I see more of the need to keep supporting the great I cherish and sing some of their songs, as it’s mines as well. I should do more to help others.

Time to beam through to next step in my journey.

Photo by Remy_Loz

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