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My Life is a like Soap Opera

Drama everywhere I turn, better than any book,
Gossip and Rumor roasting better than any cook,
I try to look and run away, but it keeps drawing me in,
Temptation all around me so many mistresses I can’t help but to sin.

– Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

3,2,1 – Jixi


Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like the sound of a gun that goes bang,
Then continuing on and on again,
I count backwards reflecting on life and my epic trials,
I keep my head on straight while my emotions runs wild.

Jixi Fox

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The Simple One by Jixi Fox [Poetry Tuesday]



The Simple One

Girls be yapping bout the older the better,
While I stay young and keep they body more wetter,
Don’t get me wrong cuz I am mature,
Tell me all your problems and I will find the cure,
I will be your Romeo and you my Juliet,
We can drive in my corvette til the sunset,
But yet, I tell you baby girl don’t you dare fret,
Life will be grand leaving you with no regrets,
All we need to do is love and trust,
If we were both pies then that’s just the crust,
Girl why are you so shy I’ll sing you a lullaby,
Which will sooth your mind if you ever start to cry?
Things that are easy sometimes become hard,
So I understand why you had put up your guards,
While we look at the stars that are so far,
No one can tell me you are not the one, because you just are, The Simple One


Oh Romeo

Image by Hugo B. Fernandes via Flickr

The Simple One
by: Jixi Fox

© Copyrighted 2011 Jixi Fox™ All Rights Reserved.

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