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When you hear me call out for help,
I wish someone would listen,
Hearing your pain when you scream,
The pain so much to bear,
Locked away,
Divided instead of multiplying,
Are their ears…

To be continued…

Photo by Tammy Gann

Jixi Fox


I always try to resist,
I always try to catch my grip,
I always try to be bold,
I fell for a girl again,
I fell deep,
I couldn’t catch myself,
I was feeling her to much,
I couldn’t help myself,
By me being excited,
She left me dry,
As much as I am feeling her,
To her I was not her type of guy.

Photo by Zest Tea

Jixi Fox


I wake each day saying,
I am blessed to be alive,
Working everyday to live my truth,
And not a lie,
I try to take it lightly,
On those heavy days,
The ones you see me look off,
In a gaze,
As if I am in disbelief,
Like it is really me,
That was given another day,
To breathe,
Even though I live with many pains,
Seeing others come and go,
Wondering what I have done different,
To not be that way,
Or as in time,
Will come when it’s ready,
These thoughts come to me heavy,
Every loss in the world,
Teaches you a lesson,
On how you can avoid pain,
But as you avoid one pain,
Another pops up just the same,
As you march forward,
Trying to win more glory,
You won’t truly know,
How to be a winner,
Without failing or losing,
You get the morale of this story.

Photo by Hailey Kean

Jixi Fox