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A is for APPLE

a is for apple

A is for Apple,
Fallen from a tree,
There is no one holier than thee,
Which is me,
I grace this earth with royalty,
No one wants a part of me,
Unless there is an offering,
I made everything bigger for you to eat,
I sleep no hours earlier than dusk,
I don’t like to subtract money,
All I want to do multiply or plus,
I gust of wind blew over your head,
For how strong my bars was coming,
I put all my chips in on the bet,
I am about to going,
If you broke down,
No towing,
If you are my foe,
Oh my god boring,
Please elevate to a bigger stage,
You a chu chu plane and I am a Boeing,
I am happy right now,
I am big on life,
So as I am drowning you in bars,
You should dive in,
But with no scuba gear on you dying,
So you can drown or stay a float,
With no words say,
Your mouth is shut,
Good day.

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It’z Jixi

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0 to 100 – DRAKE


0 to 100 drake

I was sitting in marvin’s room pacing back and forth,
I wanted to exit through the staircase and straight out the door,
I needed the fans to see me and be around world on tour,
So I put the pen to this pad went mad and push the pedal to the floor,
I went 0 to 100 in a hot second,
I got an arsenal of lyrics they are my weapon,
I ducked all the shady lames who came outside with their fake hi’s,
I chucked the deuces in the air and told those haters bye…

They never going to see me and again better yet even catch up,
I am styling on these fools they money low c’mon put your bet up,
I am the nemesis and I rival all incoming competition,
It’s now or never, it’s never impossible I will accept that mission.

It’z Jixi

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So juicy,
I am boosted,
To get toned,
Flown my theories out the door,
My feet wet,
Don’t sweat it,
I am jacked,
The whole stadium packed,
I am racked with bread,
Earthquakes on my feet,
The world I can’t shake it,

Jixi Fox


It’s not real,
It’s fake,
It’s not boiled,
It’s baked,
It’s not weezy,
It’s Drake,
I create magic,
Like everyday,
You think high,
But you really low,
You not tall enough,
You need to grow,
I know you wanna hate,
I am gone too late.

Jixi Fox


Folks be outspoken a few times too many,
Words they be spitting be too damn heavy,
Cleverly I keep things clean,
Marketable and still supreme,
It’s a dream to inspire others,
So we are collective a unit,
A team.

Jixi Fox

How Comedy Ruined My Life

comedy standup

It started when I was young, just a little chip that had serious parents who never allowed me to slip.  They never wanted me to fall, they were just great (strict) parents.  Until I found out that I am funny at age 3,4,5,6, I had the family cracking up in bits.  They never could forget, they love when I am around, when I am far away, they love when I come to town.  Everyone loves to laugh, so seeing that everyone was too serious (joker) well a Kidder I become.  So everyday practicing making others smile and laugh, took away from my seriousness.  People think I am all smiles, in terms ruined my life, now I can’t even go into a space without people ready to laugh, even bust a gut trying to figure out what weird things I am saying or acting out, I even do sound effects with my actions.  Geez, what is a guy to do but laugh it off via I just made the world a better place to live in, while I am buried in comedy ruins.

Here is where I end my testimony.


Then again this post could just be all a joke…I hope you enjoyed.  It also is written kind of poetic too.

Thanks for reading…
Itz Jixi

Jixi Fox


English: Illustration of the pain pathway in R...

Nobody knows my pain, so I go HAM,
Nope, matter fact I go TURKEY BACON,
For the MENACE I am creating, I am not PATIENT,
No DOCTOR visits for me, I just need a VACATION.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

Q: Does anyone know your pain?  Do you want to escape something in life?