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No Matter What

No matter the madness,
I am lacking any fear,
I am ready to stand up for myself,
I always got my on my gear,
Trouble swarms like bees,
But I got the smoke,
Nightmare comes when I sleep,
But not once I am awoken.

Photo by Andrey Stakhovskiy

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Happy June, it’s the month of motion. I found an awesome poem I wrote a few years ago and I wanted to share. I just love how the flow is. It’s to know best time is upon us June, July and August. The summer is right around the corner and fun needs to be had.

Do you have any plans for June?

Bring more smile into your day this June. I have a few cool series dropping this month.

Photo & Art are coming soon… Shout out to all my creative and design friends. Enjoy the upcoming poem.

J is for June,
Are you ready for the summer?
It’s hot outside now,
Let’s wait for about an hour,
Until everything cools,
Down I go right in the pool,
I don’t have to worry about getting back home soon,
School is over and so are the rules,
Time to let loose,
Call up my friends,
Ask them where we about to hang,
Everywhere is cool,
Let’s go out and do our thang,
The weather is nice,
I see smiles from cheek to cheek,
It’s summer time now,
And I just want to be happy.

Photo by laura adai

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Smile, it’s a good way to remember yourself & someone. Add more positive energy to your world and others. There are so much health benefits to smiling, as well as is a conscious ability to make change.

1. Smiling is Contagious

Smiling is a winning move to use to win over others. It can be at times very contagious as it symbolize happiness and joy. People tend to gravitate to others who are happy and gleeful. Think of a happy baby, or a baby laughing or giggling, you can’t help but think it’s adorable and add good memories to your life. When tend to remember the bad times more than the good. Let’s flip that around and go out and smile today, but of course, smiling for the right reasons, as it may help someone’s day seeing you smile.

2. Smiling Makes You Confident & Attractive

Turn that frown upside down. Unless you are trying to push other’s away, smiling is inviting act and actually draws others into to you. It can just be just perception, but people sometime assume you have a happy and positive personality when they find you smiling. If you don’t believe, take a scroll or two on Instagram, and see that positive and beautiful people tend to smile more. It’s as if you should work on putting your best features up front.

Try it out in the bathroom or the mirror before heading in public, as some people don’t believe they have a good smile, or don’t feel confident with their smile. A good workshop is find something that naturally brings you joy or laughter and capture that moment and work on how to get that feeling to be there in your moments of doubt. It shall be a reminder to you as what your natural smile and happy face looks like.

3. Smiling Reduces Stress & Adds Positivity

Changing your mood and atmosphere can be a struggle, but smiling is the key to happy. Think of that moment you were having a bad day, and you thought of a past good experience or a really good joke, it takes to reduce the pressure in the moment. It gives a break from reality, slows the pace and helps you focus on you. You are very important to the world. You matter to someone, but before you can do so, you have to matter to you. Think of being around someone that add so much joy and smiles, it makes times fly pass at time. Smiling helps us from not looking sad, tired, worn down, and lost. At times you have to fake it until you make it, practice is a way help make less hard.

4. Smiling Elevates Mood & Productivity

Moods are not always long lasting, as it changes as the hours, days, weeks and months go on. But to counteract the bad days, smiling pushes the marker of being productivity and getting the best out of you. Think of just nature and people, when someone is having a bad day we try to come in aid to help cheer someone up. They may be down on their luck, but seeing that you care and is welcoming with a smile, can help them turn around their mood, and action help them smile as well.

In Conclusion

Smiling can be such a better tool if used well that a frown. It has many benefits and perks, and why shouldn’t we use things that naturally works. Be proud of you and yourself, your differences. If you need a boost of confidence being you, follow our Affirmations” series.

Embrace your smile, live your truth. There is only one you, and only you can truly make your experiences better in the world than it may seem. You can be a beacon of good for others for them to be better for themselves.

Smiling can add huge advantages to your art. When you think of working on yourself and craft and can use positive associations to smiling and enjoying doing it, it will push you towards doing more of it.

Photo by Brooke Cagle
Photo by Ivana Cajina
Photo by Max Harlynking

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