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It late at night and the train in rolling,
A few folks next to me at sleepy, head bopping,
It’s not their type of night, their bodies all strange,
I am scared to death they may awake as zombies wanting to eat my brains.

Jixi Fox
“Rival Many, Praise Few”

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Life is a mystery

Homer dreams of a life of organized crime, a p...

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You never know where you will end up once you start trying towards your dreams.  I try my best to live my dreams even if it may not be as great as I expected.  Things change over time and being an artist is a very hard life to live until you make it somewhere.  But you shall never give up because life can come your way one day and the day you decide to quit is the day you missed your chance.

itz jixi

New Beginnings Again

Ready for Love

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I am ready and I do mean ready for my projects to get on the way.  A lot of thinking, a lot of planning, a lot of scheduling conflicts and now I am back to action.  It’s been a while since I felt my creativity calling me in which I have been gone from blogging.  I don’t want to force my work, so I keep low and keeping building my out reach so when the time comes I am fully prepared to the lengths in which I want to go.

I am not saying I am ready to blog everyday, but I would like to explore and unleash my creativity here.  I not have much fans and much support, but I love what I do, and I love what I am ready to contribute to the world.  It’s the beginning to my creative works.

itz jixi