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No more desires,
Can’t be excited,
Can’t even hide it,
It’s painful,
Why do I have to be this way,
Walking on egg shells,
Every single day,
Do you want to walk in my shoes?
Well go for it,
For I got none,
Walking in pain,
Until my legs get numb,
I am just looking for a change,
To end this chapter,
Turn to another page.

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Jixi Fox

Writing ✍️ From The Heart ❤️

How do I start this off,
Always thinking,
Wonder what’s next to do,
Always winking,
Glancing at my dreams,
But reality,
Seems to have other plans for me,
Outside is baron,
Inside is captivity,
How the hell,
Can I expand my creativity,
I lay in the cut,
On the far side of the bed,
Body twist left,
Phone in hand,
On Instagram,
Wasting time,
Can’t move,
Want to try,
Telling myself I can’t loose,
But what if I died,
And never given,
Much less taken the chance,
I just don’t effin know,
Almost feeling,
Like it’s one of those days,
When things are just off,
But you want so hard for them to correct.

Photo by michael schaffler

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