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Just wanted to pop out and say happy halloween. I didn’t do any costumes this year, I was trying to set my schedule to do something cool. But time has been just moving so fast. Maybe next year. I did enjoy some candy and laughs, so that’s a delight to have had today. How was your halloween?

Photo by Šimom Caban

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It’s time to get up and get down,
No more clowning around,
Halloween may be around the corner,
But the party is always in town,
No time to be petty,
No time to be lame,
Step your game up,
And get ahead of everything,
I thought I was the greatest,
And yes I still do,
So that means,
We are still in the present,
So I still got time and things to do,
I need to change,
I need to scare the hell out of my brain,
So I can make a decision,
Create a legacy and do things,
Because it’s my destiny,
So watch out and stay away from the clowns,
It’s only trouble when they are around,
It’s time to learn a new trick,
Treat yourself to greatness,
And get out of this rot that is so thick.

Written by: Jixi Fox
Copyrighted 2016: Jixi Fox
Facebook: @jixifox
Twitter: @jixifox
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Domo Ninja – Halloween 2013

Hi, I was a “Domo Ninja” for Halloween.  I figured I would just share with you my costume.  It was the first time I ever dressed up, and of course I had to mix two elements of me into one, I am an entertainer and a ninja.

Look At Me Now… DOMO NINJA.

Domo Ninja - Jixi Fox - jixifox

Did you dress up for Halloween?  What do think about Halloween?

Itz Jixi