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When all the dust clears,
I am here,
Going crazy hype,
LA gears,
No more fears,
I ready to fight,
I am like other,
Don’t bother,
You can’t change me snitches,
I am in the matrix,
Call me neo,
I live life through my own creative glitches.

Jixi Fox



So sparkling new,
I am a groove,
Now what is my mood,
I am on edge,
I beg for the new feel,
It’s real,
Let’s make a deal,
I signed the contract,
Big check concealed.

Jixi Fox


Beauty is the new evil,
I can’t deal,
Reality is something I can’t feel,
Let’s make the night live let’s cut a deal,
Chill, cool out let’s break it in,
I need it, it’s a taste like mint,
Where is the vice, no sacrifice,
I am put my entire quota on the line,
I step right, I feel okay,
I am shape to jump in the pool,
Let’s play.


Jixi Fox


Mysterious lustful feelings,
Heavily based on a chase,
To win a treasure so pure,
Something that makes the heart beats,
Engaging all the senses,
Dense and crazy to conceal,
A beast unleashed upon the scene,
I want it bad,
I scheme,
I rumble,
I shake,
I can’t help himself,
How do I escape?
It’s hard to deal,
It’s hard to break,
It’s now my pain,
My heart breaks…


Jixi Fox


Sweet or sour,
In an hour I shall be there to pick you up,
I may end up bringing flowers,
But that will be to your surprise,
Eye lips open up to see,
Something is hidden behind my back,
Don’t you peek,
I presented you with a treat.

Jixi Fox


Just a fine breed,
Elegant and sudle,
Nothing about the person gets you puzzled,
Never mind the lames outside,
We are on the inside warm and they cold,
We make moves smoothly they just ignorant and bold,
Fold the sheets and organize the bed,
It’s way pass my bedtime,
Time to rest my eyes, and leave the haters are their best,
Outside still hating.

Jixi Fox


Cupcakes yummy,
I love it,
Sweet toppings,
I want lots of it,
Milkshakes so tasty,
But lately, toffee has been queen,
Ruby are my cheeks,
Please let me explain,
Exactly why I am a fiend,
This onslaught of joy,
Has me doing hiccups,
I can’t fix this toy,
I am too playful I won’t give up.

Jixi Fox