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Silly Puppy

So cute, so adorable,
I love you, but you pooped on the floor,
Through the door you go,
Flaunty and living life,

You kiss me, we make up,
You do silly things to make me laugh, silly pup,
You are a part of my life, my counterpart,
Now matter the troubles, I remember the love, close to my heart.

You Silly Pup…

Jixi Fox
The Witty Lyricist
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Running wild, everyone loves me,
I am a bunch of joy,
Just enjoying life and nibble on some toys,
I cute and a friend,
Take me everywhere,
I am yours,
A pup into soon your best friend,
For the rest of your life and mines,
It’s your choice.

Let me into your life…

Jixi Fox
[The Creative Nemesis]
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Stuffed tiger wearing a sombrero

Stuffed tiger wearing a sombrero (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am rich and full of fight, I can go all night,
It’s in my blood everyone loves my coats, It’s fierce trust I know,
Don’t point because I will bite, you ain’t know I am from he jungle,
I roll with some cats, catching my meals, line them up racks on racks on racks.

Jixi Fox
[The Creative Nemesis]

Reptile Flow

reptile, mudbox, cg, animal

reptile, mudbox, cg, animal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not from this planet, but directly in nature,
Not someone or something you can pet,
Just here to cause mayhem and menace,
I am fierce, I am rare, I am a beast.

– Jixi Fox