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It was just one time,
That I let her in,
I did everything,
I even gave her a ring,
But it seems that everything I have done,
Wasn’t enough,
She gave me an ultimatum,
I thought it was a bluff,
She tried to cuff me,
That didn’t work,
It wasn’t good enough,
So I had to show her how manly I was,
I showed her how buff,
I didn’t know what it was,
On the top,
It was the muff,
But still,
I am lonely,
And it’s dangerous.

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Jixi Fox
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Blanket empty,
Covers only covering me,
Body so cold,
No one is right beside me,
Pillow filled with thoughts,
Tears soaked in the fabric,
Missing someone to mind to,
Wishing someone was by me,
Tomorrow comes and go,
That happens too often,
Memories tends to grow,
But they seem all to familiar,
Deja vu of a lonesome soul,
Always a constant reminder,
Instagram pages I scroll through,
It’s almost like I am just watching previews.

Photo by Anthony Tran 

Thanks for reading
Jixi Fox