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Talk It Into Existence #stories

The bucket list of just do it…
Create your own opportunities…
You might have to wait,
Even show up to the gate,
Holding on tight to the handle,
Ready to twist,
But the entrance ain’t ready,
For you just yet,
For the presence,
In how you are going to enter,
Others may not know how to accept,
But are we waiting for them,
We going to step in how we want to,
Flashing whatever we want to,
It don’t even matter if they see,
I see me,
And seeing how I got in and there,
Is only a concern for myself,
I created my angle,
Developed and sketched,
And the masterpiece,
Is whatever it is,
I walk in with.

Photo by Warren Wong

℗ © 2019 @jixifox | videos | ig | fb

Like A Broken Record

I skip I repeat I am annoying as hell,
I cause havoc on anyone with my repetitive spell,
The mayhem I cause will one day land me in jail,
But until then listen to the tune I am singing an uncompleted fail.

– Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

Comic Relief, he he ha ha

They just adding me for laughs, I aint worth not a thing,
But when everybody laughs, I can’t help to grin for the win,
Here to act a fool, give funny jokes, be dramatic and epic,
The movie would of been lame, period, if I wasnt in it.

– Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis