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I was waiting for your eyes,
To catch up to mines,
Until it did,
And I smiled,
And you did too,
Hope you know,
That we go together now,
But little did I know,
I would have so many eyes on me,
Too many relationships now,
Dang, how do I let you all go?
Except one,
The special one.

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As I lay down tonight,
With a good book in hand,
I feel the night,
Is going to be just alright,
Ready to explore,
Ready to adore,
My body is positioning itself,
For something relaxing,
Or hardcore,
For tonight I am going to flip through leaves,
Can you believe it’s just me and you tonight,
This is a fact indeed,
For I am in need,
Of something unique,
Or something straight out of my wildest fantasy,
Tonight, tonight I beg,
What can you give me?

Thanks for reading…
Jixi Fox

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Faces Are Masks


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I wear this face everyday for you to see,
You believe the face thinking it’s really me,
For I am calm or predictable in your eyes,
If I take my face off, your eyes will see a dark surprise.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis