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I can’t break,
I only fix up,
I post bricks up,
I let less go,
I test less though,
I may bless let’s go,
They ask for me stop,
They ask for me to drop,
They wanted me to flop,
I only want to be on top,
You can’t cut me down,
There is no karate chop.

I fold for no men,
They can’t foil my plan.


Photo by Patrick Pankalla

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Left broken hearted,
She didn’t realized I cared,
I wished I didn’t,
Now I am by myself in tears.

Photo by christopher catbagan

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Scared To Go Outside

The noise,
The mess,
The stress,
It’s not it’s best,
When outside,
In my bed,
Under the sheets,
I hide,
I climb the walls,
To my loneliness,
Outside is a void,
I use to dance and sing in,
The wind is blowing,
In a deep fog,
I am sinking in,
I can’t exit today,
For what is tomorrow,
I am stuck inside,
I wish I had a lifeline,
I can borrow,
Nothing is solid,
Liquid are most of my thoughts,
I shower away my guilts,
Quickly as I dry,
They reappear.

Photo by Sasha Freemind 

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#irl – being alone


Most people don’t want to be alone, but they are scared to admit it to the wrong or right person.

“in real life things are different.”
“online you can be whoever you want. you can be fake or real”
social media, depression, fear, personality, reality, hardship, fake, antisocial, anxiety
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When The World Ends | @jixifox

When the world ends I am going to be just as it began,
Living life, learning and growing, chilling with my friends,
Even though I  fear leaving this world because I don’t know when,
If it starts over, Imma live life, and Imma do it again.

– Jixi Fox


(Project 365 | PostADay2012 – I vow to post each day a new lyric, phrase, saying or comedic idea for the entire 2012)

BONUS: cool song to listen to is “Imma Be” by Black Eyed Peas…I love that song.

I Fear To Commit – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]



I fly away in fear of the feeling,
That brings tears to eyes to cry,
Though is seems I may be ducking and weaving,
It’s simply a choice to not experience the feeling,

We all have options we tend to not explore,
And there is always someone trying to close your open doors,
Some by choice by having thoughts to trap,
Others just want to make you feel bad for being yourself and relapse,

Efforts and timing can change our ways and decisions,
But now a days everyone wants to claim a title or position,
It’s not like it’s a wrong thing, though maybe only not right for you,
Why take down someone trying to fly because of your selfish mood,

Trying to create friction to your world in which I was keeping from existing,
Bring pains to your days where there were  sun days that kept your mood uplifting,
I can’t commit I wish you could see what it will do to me,
Killing my soul, my creativity, my life and soon yours in time, is just how you want it to be.


(*note: You can’t force me to be what I really don’t want to, it’s only going to make resent in you long run and make your days gray as payback for what you have done to me.)

I Fear To Commit
by: Jixi Fox

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Success Today or Tomorrow…

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If success was to come my way today, I don’t think I could handle it. The main reason I say so is that, I don’t know how to define success in my case, or have a definite tool to measure it and it’s capacity. I know there is thing I would like to have fallen in place to be deemed successful, but for me I think the critical element to figure out is, once success is gained, how would I maintain it. Success can come and go, but to have it stick around and go at a constant speed is what is matters to me, until it’s time for it be given up or taken to another level.

So I will aim for success today and if it doesn’t, await on its arrival tomorrow ready.

Are you ready for success today? Is money your tools to measure you success?

Itz Jixi.